No Longer Weak (#3)

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Published January 12, 2015

“I love you: those three words are so powerful they alone can change the world.”

Jennifer Downs and Finnley Felton are drawn to one another like opposite ends of magnets.Many things have changed since Jennifer moved from Texas to Vegas. Secrets from her past are uncovered and they leave her feeling like everything she knew was a lie. Jennifer desperately seeks the truth, while trying to plan her future. Safety is key, but how can one be truly safe while being hunted?

Love and hope mingle with revenge.

Finnley Felton is fearless. He never thought another woman could change his world, but now that Jennifer has, nothing but death itself could take her from him. Jesse seeks retribution and continues on her deadly path of destruction.

Bridges will be mended.
Secrets will be revealed, and for better or worse, lives will ultimately change forever.

Find out if Finnley and Jennifer get their happily ever after in the final installment of the Weakness Series.

Excerpt – Prologue

*Do not read unless you’ve read Weak Without Him. Major Spoiler Alert Below*

I remember how the rain streamed down the windshield when I drove to the scene of the accident. The streaks were long and thick, like the tears that ran down my face. Inside, I was dying, panicking, in a state of shock so strong that I didn’t feel human. My movements were robotic, done out of memory and nothing else. Control slipped through my fingers like liquid as I parked on the street.

The flashing lights of the ambulance and the blank faces of the police officers and firemen as I rushed through the crowd told me what I didn’t want to hear. Adrenaline coursed through my veins and my legs went weak when I saw the mangled metal of the car, if it could even be called that anymore.

I remembered the first time I ever played the piano in front of people. Mum had insisted that everything would be okay, but my fingers had trembled with fear. My voice had shaken with every word. I’d had no control over my legs, and everything had seemed to shake with adrenaline. She insisted that the feeling was good for people, that it proved they were alive. My body could have overdosed on the natural drug, but once I had started playing, everything changed. I’d found myself. I’d found my confidence.

Today, there would be no confidence, no release, no sense of calm. There were no white and black piano keys to relieve me of my biggest fear. My world quickly evolved into a hellish nightmare that I would never wake from. For the first time in my life, I was terrified. With the massive whoosh of adrenaline humming through my veins, I couldn’t control my body any longer. I fell to my knees and tucked my face into my hands as the rain poured over me. The medical staff rushed over with an umbrella, and an older gentleman helped me up from the ground. My shirt dripped cold water, and I was wet from head to toe. But I didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore, and it never would again.

A group of medical staff and firemen brought me to the back of an old, white pickup truck that had the city’s name spray-painted across the side. With a sorrow-filled face, the coroner met me. When he opened his mouth, I heard nothing but complete silence. Everyone talked around me, but all I could focus on was the rain and the indescribable feelings that were encapsulating my body and soul.

The angels were crying with me—crying because I had lost my wife and my son in a fatal crash.

They had been ripped from my life in a blink.

I changed indefinitely. I became hard. I became strict.

I became Finnley fucking Felton.

Years passed. I married my job. I fucked random women. I stayed in control of my surroundings and lived without love . . . until I met Jennifer Downs.

I could have lost her for good. If that had happened, I would have turned bitter, and angry, and I probably would have lost all control. If the scars of loss had been forcefully ripped open, what little faith in love I had left would have been lost forever. Just the thought of it all sickened me. It was dangerous. It wasn’t a game, but I knew that Jesse was bat shit crazy and didn’t fully understand the audacity of her actions. Before it was all over, I would find her. Nothing in life was free. For every action there was a consequence, and Jesse would pay.

* * *

As I rolled onto my side, the warm glow of the bedside lamp warmed her face. Brown hair scattered across the pillow and surrounded her porcelain-smooth face. The smell of her skin next to mine made me want to move closer to her warmth. She looked so peaceful, so pure, and she was mine. I slowly wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her close to my chest, and then closed my eyes. Jennifer moved in closer and released a small moan. The pieces of me that knew how to unconditionally love another person were slowly making their way to the surface.

Love. It was powerful, and it was dangerous. It was frightening to love someone so much again, but I couldn’t live in fear of loss. Just the thought of losing her for good woke a beast that was slumbering inside me. I was morphing into a man I hadn’t seen in years—a man I thought had died long ago. I would protect her. I would be there for her no matter what.

The wounds were slowly healing, but I had become used to the pain, almost to the point of not noticing it anymore. It’s funny how something can hurt so badly that it doesn’t really hurt at all. Her breaths were slow, then her face squished and she moved her arm slightly. Her breathing increased, and I wished I could see what she was dreaming. I’ve asked her to tell me several times, but she refused. The nightmares had become an issue lately. The constant state of paranoia made life difficult, but I understood.

Abbot agreed to stay on board until we found Jesse. He wanted her dead. I just wanted revenge.

Revenge was as dirty as recycled heroine needles. It infected people, causing them to lose themselves until they were spiraling completely out of control. Vengeance was the ugly brother of hatred and obsession, which were often seen together.

I kissed Jennifer’s forehead and promised her that nothing would ever happen to her again. I would protect her with my life. If Jesse wanted her, she would have to go through me. She had no chance, and never did.

What others are saying

“So, I just finished this masterpiece of a novel and I’m just blown away. this is just an amazing ending to an end of a series. I’m so bittersweet that this series is ending I fell so hard for Finnley Felton and Luketon Brand but I connected the most with Jennifer Downs.”  -Brit, Goodreads

“It was intense, hot and surprising. I absolutely loved it!!!!! I am so happy I had the pleasure to read this book. Everything from the characters to the plot line was written to absolute perfection.” -Jenn, Amazon

“The books in this series are amazing, as is the transformation of the characters. It started out like Beauty and The Beast, but the further it gets the more I wonder which character is whom. This is a series that isn’t to be missed.” -Almost Heaven, Amazon

….and many more


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