New Year

I don’t know who I need to credit for making this amazing picture, but I love the quote. 🙂 

Last year during this time I wrote a blog post about my 2013 reflections. I was only a writer, not an author, and I had no expectations with my first novel Weak for Him. I went back and read it before I wrote this post just to see where I was. I’ve come so far.

2014 was a year of learning for me. I learned more about the publishing industry in the last 12 months than I had in 3 years. It’s like when I pressed publish, light bulbs started clicking on or something. I don’t have it all figured out, far from that, but I’m more seasoned than I was last year. I’ve changed as a person, improved as a writer, and pushed myself harder than I thought was possible. In 2014, I published 3 novels and a novella. I wrote No Longer Weak (coming Jan 12) and am 25% finished with Single 2. Accomplishing this while holding a full-time job and spending time with hubby wasn’t easy, but it was doable with a little determination and dedication. There were lots of long nights but overall it was worth it.

I’ve met so many wonderful, beautiful people–readers, bloggers, tour hosts, and other authors. I’ve learned that while this journey can be done alone, it’s more fun when you have people there with you who understand, encourage, and support you. I’ve met so many people that I can truly call my friends and it’s uplifting. In 2014, I had the equivalent of a small town download my work. Honestly, I never thought I would sell 100 copies especially not 12 times that. I’m honored, shocked, speechless, and thankful. I had no expectations in 2013 and that was completely blown out of the water and I have you to thank!

2015 is here and I hope it’s much better than 2014. There have been major changes in the publishing industry (especially with kindle unlimited releasing) and most of the predictions that are being splashed across the internet aren’t very positive. Some of them are just downright depressing especially when it’s said many indie authors will completely quit writing because of the changes taking place in the industry right now. I won’t make any predictions but I’m going to lay out my goals so then 2016 Lyra can see if she accomplished them. I will have some professional goals and personal ones, so bare with me 🙂

1. Finish Weakness and Single… happening! lol.
2. Blog more. 1 post per week.
3. Work on and publish Super Secret Story <–muwhahaha.
4. Write more
5. Expanding (Don’t be so dependent of Facebook and Amazon)
6. Send out a newsletter once a month
7. Be more organized and manage time better
8. Focus on getting out of debt
9. Workout 30 minutes a day
10. Enjoy life!

2014 was a warmup. 2015 is game time. I’m ready to bring it!
What are some of your resolutions goals for the year? I’d like to know!