So I got this neat little notification from Facebook that I had memories today and scrolled through them. In the feed, I came across a blog post about the Eluded Cover Reveal….on the May the Sith. So I thought, that I would write up a little blog post and keep my yearly sith tradition going. Instead of posting a cover reveal, I thought I would catch you up (quickly) because I’m still on my lunch break, with some cool things that have been going on and some even cooler things that are happening!

There have been tons of crazy things happen since my last post! I had my first author event at the North Shore Author Signing (#NSAS15 if any of you like searching hashtags on instagram) and met tons of readers. I have to say, it is an odd feeling meeting people in real life when you’ve talked with them on the interwebs for months. It’s almost like a dream! I will be in Little Rock in July for the Little Rock Book Jam signing and San Francisco in August! I had to cancel Austin due to personal reasons, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the other events!

Books, books, and more books!
Recently I’ve had a few people ask me what’s next! If you are a follower on Facebook, you’ll see that I’ve been teasing you all with my upcoming projects! If you’re in the Lounge, you’ll get to read snippets. Anyone can join and during release time, we are going to have all sorts of giveaways and special events for lounge members only!
Single 3 is in the works and I am also writing ACE. Parker continues to be bad and Ace, well, he is something else. I’ve never written a character quite like him before and I’m enjoying every second of it. He’s all rock star, all man, and is in a band with his 3 brothers. Each book will be written as a stand alone but they can be read together if you’d like. If you’re interested in helping with the cover reveal, which is TBA, please fill out this form!!  I know I say this about every cover I’ve ever had, but it’s HOT! If you search on Barnes and iTunes, you might even be able to find the pre-order links, I’ll have an official announcement about that very soon!

I’ve also been tinkling with ideas of a Christmas Special 🙂 Oh lord, I can already hear the high pitched squeals. I haven’t really said anything about it yet and it’s still very much in the works but it’s something I’m strongly considering. AND you’ve read it first right here on my page! If I can write fast enough, you might see some of your favorite characters featured. Hmm… who could that be?

So the lunch break is wrapping up which means I’ve got to get going! I wish I could have loaded this post down with Sith Gifs. 🙂 haha. NEXT YEAR! So happening!

 photo aG9AKEw_460sa_zpsd1bc7464.gif


Hope you all have a wonderful week! And to all of you who are receiving this in email, thanks for following!!