Ace Facts


I told you all whenever I thought about blogging I would write an entry! Score! 2 in 1 week! What, what!

So, I’ve been itching to start a new story after writing Ace. Ever since I sent the book off to beta’s, I’ve thinking about what to start next. I have so many ideas floating around up there and every free minute I have has been spent trying to make a decision. And I think I’ve almost narrowed it down which makes me super excited. It’s a story that has called to me for MONTHS and MONTHS and I think I’m just going to go for it. I’ll make an announcement about it later on after I work out the details, but I really think you’re going to love it. Think Steel Magnolias, Bakeries, mixed in with a small town romance. Intrigued yet?  Consider it my new super secret project.
But before I get lost in a world of cupcakes, I wanted to throw out a few facts about Ace because I thought it was super interesting. But first, I wanted to throw out at a few little facts about Ace and my process.
Let’s get going….
I started writing Ace 4/28/2015.
It is my 10th book to write and 8th book to publish.
It took me 225 days to finish.
To date, it’s the book that I spent the most time writing.
I started writing it before I started Single 3.
Yes, it was a super secret project at one point.
When I finished, the total word count was 70,308 words.
When I send it to edits, it will be over 77,000 words.
It’s the longest book I’ve ever written by 10k words. Eluded is now the 2nd longest.
I cut an entire scene.
I cut an entire characters story.
From 10/11 to 11/04, I didn’t write a single word for Ace. I didn’t write anything, actually.
I moved the release date 3 times. Lucky number 3!
I had the cover redone twice.
I feel like this book has more sex scenes than any of my others. Eek.
I’ve never written a stand alone interconnected series before.
Hubby created special music just for the book, which will be live everywhere soon, even on spotify.
One of the songs he wrote 10 years ago and I loved it. He refused to re-record it, until this book.
When I watch concerts, I think about the Band of Brothers.
I followed a band for a weekend in the summer and took notes for this book.
I obviously love a man that can dance.
I’m going to try to start posting things like this when I finish book! 🙂
I love reading stuff like this and think it’s interesting to learn about someone’s process! I hope you love these little details.