I’ve been mentioning everywhere that I can that ACE has been post-poned until February 22, 2016. If you’re a subscriber of my newsletter, you would have recieved the reminder with super cool news on September 15th. My goal is to release my monthly newsletter on the 13th of each month. Oh, you’re not a subscriber? You can sign up here: www.bit.ly/lyranewsletter. Soon, I’ll be sending out preview chapters links of ACE that are exclusive to subscribers only. You’ll not want to miss out on that!

The second week of January is kind of a special week for me because the same week in 2014, I released Weak for Him.
In 2015, I release No Longer Weak, so it’s one of my literary traditions to release at that time.

There were several personal reasons why I decided to wait.
MAIN REASON: I had a health scare, but I’ve been cleared! WOOHOO! A million pounds of stress have vanished!
2nd – I wanted to make sure that when I started releasing these books, they were the best they could possible be and the series was close to being finished…. SURPRISE!

My goal is to have all 4 books of the Band of Brothers ready to release at the beginning of the year. Of course not all at the same time, but to be scheduled no longer than 6 weeks apart. Pre-orders will be available closer to time! I’m having so much fun writing Ace. He’s not like any other character I’ve written and I love him. I hope you do too!

Want to pre-order?

ACE on iBooks
ACE on Nook
Ace on Kobo


Pre-order is available on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo! You can pre-order now for $2.99. Soon after release the price will go up to $3.99. I will have pre-orders available on Amazon starting January 2nd, so keep a look out! 🙂

Also, just incase you haven’t noticed, I rolled out an online shop right here on my website! Eep! That’s right, now you can order paperbacks directly from me, signed and all orders come with some swag. If you use promo code lyrashop15, you’ll get $2 off of each paperback you purchase until October 1st. You can even pre-order ACE in paperback now! 🙂 Super cool, huh! I’ve had several people take the opportunity to order it now. My goal is to ship it at the beginning of 2016 before release so then you’ll have it before everyone else! Kind of like an advanced copy, but edited and ready to go. hehe. Yes, there will still be a CD coming as well that will be packaged in a pretty little jewel case. The details are being worked out now, but I should have them on the site to purchase soonish. Oh, and you’ll also be able to download the music from iTunes, listen on Spotify, and purchase on Amazon. Fancy! It’s nice to have a musician hubby!
Oh and just a quick reminder, there is a giveaway-a-day going on over at my Facebook page until October 4th. They will stay open all month incase you’d like to go over there and catch up! There are lots of prizes, gift cards, paperbacks, ebooks, etc. www.facebook.com/lyraparishauthor. All winners will be announced on October 11th. 🙂 Happy Fall Y’all!
Hope you’ve all been well and that the cool weather has headed your way. Can someone tell Texas? It’s been way too hot the last few weeks. 🙂