I’m not sure when the transition happened for me. You know, the transition of wanting to become a writer and then actually being one. I’ve tried to recall exactly when it happened, but can’t.

I’ve been knee deep in the writing world for 3 years (in Jan) and it all happened on a whim. Told Hubby I wanted to write a novel, and after writing, trashing it, rewriting during NaNo, I had my first draft.


But it didn’t end with a nice published novel.

Everything I wrote prior to July of 2013 is shelved. It will never be published. It will never see the light of day and that’s okay. All of those countless words (probably close to 200k) were nothing more than a learning experience. I worked through many issues and growing pains, passive voice, unformatted hooha, rogue commas, and panster plots. But without experiencing that, I would not be where I am. In the theatre, I used to tell people to “fake it until you make it” on stage, and I feel like (up until now) that’s what I did. I told people I was a writer, but telling people you are and feeling like one is two different things. I am thankful for every single moment that brought me to this point in my literary life.

In exactly 30 days, I will transition from writer to author. Thinking back, I guess I felt like a real writer whenever I decided that I would published something. Something that wasn’t useless thrown together words during NaNoWriMo. It was months of hard work. Countless restless nights with 3 hours of sleep. Vacation days being spent writing. Weekends of pumping out words. Months of revisions. The loss of friends and the forming of new relationships. It’s learning the ins and outs of the indie scene, and overseeing every bit of the process. Plus hundreds of hours of research.

Whenever I hit the publish button, I know that I will be sharing a story that I am proud of, and to me, that’s the best feeling in the entire world.


Word to live by when becoming an author: