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Lazy Sundays…

Sundays are one of my favorite days. I swear I do the same exact thing every sunday. It starts with sleeping until I wake then making the same breakfast (eggs, sausage, and bacon) and taking care of literary items while drinking a cup of coffee with whip cream. A few weeks ago, we rearranged the furniture in the living room so now when I sit on the couch, I can stare out the double windows.

Ace Facts

  I told you all whenever I thought about blogging I would write an entry! Score! 2 in 1 week! What, what! So, I've been itching to start a new story after writing Ace. Ever since I sent the book off to beta's, I've thinking about what to start next. I have so...

Bring in the new …

I can’t believe in two weeks I will be coming up on my 2 year publiversary. Wow. It’s so insane to me how fast time has flown by, but I can’t complain. I’ve had tons of fun and met so many wonderful people in the past two years and even gained a few gray hairs, but it’s all been worth it. Many of you I am honored to call my friend. It really does mean a lot.

Ace: a Band of Brothers News!

I've been mentioning everywhere that I can that ACE has been post-poned until February 22, 2016. If you're a subscriber of my newsletter, you would have recieved the reminder with super cool news on September 15th. My goal is to release my monthly newsletter on the...

My notifications are going crazy! Single 3 is live!

Single 3 is liveeeeeeeee! Omg!  Single 1 -- -- currently free! Single 2 -- -- going on sale! Single 3 -- -- newly released! I pressed publish on Single 3, my 8th title (if you count the anthology I...

ACE: a Band of Brothers novel COVER REVEAL!

ACE a Band of Brothers novel by Lyra Parish Coming September 1, 2015 Cover created by Letitia at RBA Designs   Synopsis My name is Ace and I'm the Ace of Spades. I'm not nice and I misbehave. I will be your nightmare. I will be your dream. I will have you begging...

A year to the day (May the Sith)

So I got this neat little notification from Facebook that I had memories today and scrolled through them. In the feed, I came across a blog post about the Eluded Cover Reveal....on the May the Sith. So I thought, that I would write up a little blog post and keep my...

Single 2 . . . it’s coming!

  Real quick, I wanted to announce that Single 1 is currently on sale for 99 cents! It was featured in the Owned Anthology with 8 other amazing authors, but now it's time to celebrate Single 2! There are some exciting things in the works right now for Single 2...

2014 Reflections . . . Bring it 2015.

Last year during this time, a few weeks before I pressed published, I wrote a blog post about my 2013 reflections. I was only a writer, not an author, and I had no expectations with my first novel, Weak for Him. I went back and read it before I wrote this post.

The Fish Sandwich Incident

Recently, I was at a burger place waiting in line to get some quick food before we went to a concert. The dining room was full, there were several people standing around waiting for their food, and the constant chatter of the patrons filled the restaurant. We walked...

Announcement – No Longer Weak

As many of you, or few of you noticed, I’ve changed the release date to No Longer Weak probably a gazillion times over the past few months. A gazillion! Now it’s coming down to the nitty gritty and time for me to make an announcement of when No Longer Weak will actually be available for purchase because I’ve been asked several times over the past few weeks.

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