It seems the literary world went wild while I was on vacation and had a lot of catching up to do once I returned! Seriously. I found out that Charlie will no longer be playing Christian Grey and that the indie erotica authors (my buds, represent!) are livid and disgusted with Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes.

The witch hunt has begun and it took days of reading countless blogs and news updates, along with facebook feeds, to finally understand what exactly is going on and it worries me. It worries me because I feel like indie authors are being attacked. Erotica is not inappropriate! Just because an author has the word sister, brother, and sex in a blurb, doesn’t mean they are all doing it together.


Image from FTFR.ORG

Many authors (many who are my friends) livelihoods are based from their book sales, books that were removed for no reason. I understand that some novels that are published are inappropriate to some, depending on who you are, but that doesn’t mean it should be removed. I think the readers should be able to decide what they want to read, based on whether they purchase or not. Silencing writers (especially indie and small publishers) will only hurt the big brother book corporations. They will find another way to release their works. I wouldn’t be surprised if an online book supplier popped up and allowed anyone and everyone to publish, will not ban books in the disclaimer. There currently seems to be a need for a site that is based from NOT silencing. If I had a million dollars, and a few developers in my pocket, I would create one in a heart beat!

All of the hoo-ha also worries me because Weak for Him could be considered contemporary erotica. Will the novel that I have been working on for months and months be removed once it is published? Will I even stand a chance or survive the indie author attacks? I honestly don’t know. All I can do is keep writing and take my chance. The indie scene is currently in an uproar and I feel that this isn’t the end.