Have you been wanting to read Eluded and haven’t yet? I’ve got a special opportunity for you. I’ve teamed up with Xpresso book tours to help distribute copies in exchange for honest reviews. Right now, Eluded has 32 reviews on amazon (which I am thrilled over!!!)reviews


We all know how important word of mouth is in the book world, not to mention how your review could help another person determine if Eluded is worth their time or not. Often I use all feedback to help me improve as a writer, determine if it’s a genre that I should revisit, etc, so it’s important to know your thoughts. Anyway, enough about all that jazz….. I’m giving away free copies! It’s a win/win situation. So now that I have your attention….


I know the form requires you to have a blog, but if you are interested in reading Eluded and will leave your review on Amazon, then please email me at lyraparish(at)gmail(dot)com. This offer will be available for a limited time and should be posted on Amazon before December 10th. 🙂

Please be aware that Eluded is intended for a mature audience. While it is a stand alone, and there is a HEA, there are situations that some may find uncomfortable and could be considered as triggers including: strong language, violence, kidnapping, drugs, and rape. I want my readers to understand what is involved before deciding to read.


A few of the reviews from Amazon:

This author has a magical talent with words. She sucks you in and keeps you reading until the end. Her characters and scenery come to life in your mind`s eye without beating you over the head with unnecessary detail. Someone asked me if this is an easy read; It is an intense story but is so well written and flows so smoothly it comes across as an easy-ish read, you will not be able to put it down. -Jennifer, Amazon Reviewer

It was a journey in a dark, scary tunnel, and I was waiting to finally see the light in the end, if all the fear, if all these suffering will come to an end. Will I ever get to have a happy ending – this question lingered in my mind, until I finally get to read that part. I loved the twist, never saw that one coming, even the connection, and indeed, there is that rainbow after the storm. Maybe what makes this book pretty special to me is because this is not my ordinary read, and yet I couldn’t help but get hooked in this extraordinary book written by one talented author! -BookFreak, Amazon Reviewer

I freaking loved this story. I couldn’t get enough. Abbot can whisper sonnets in my ear all dang day long! Loved loved loved his character, he is like this amazing, faceted smokey quartz. And Lauren, I loved her character too. Both have this streak of love for humanity that runs so deep they would be willing to do anything to help someone. That alone speaks a thousands words about both of them. -TaraWordWench, Amazon Reviewer

…and there are many more! Read the rest here.