Hello! This is my first post. I know I do not have any folllowers yet, but I hope to one day.

I love writing. I feel people’s words hold great power behind them, that words can change the world. Before I wrote, I read religiously but I am not a genre snob. I love fantasy, contemporary romance, alternative history, dystopia, etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s young adult or adult or the in between, new adult.

I tend to write novels that have a romantical element to them, along with urban fantasy. I’ve dabbled in contemporary but I’ve always felt like something was missing.

I’m a little new to the writing world and hope I am accepted with open arms. I do have a wattpad account where I am posting unedited pieces of “Trapped by the Night”, which will release early 2014.

My wattpad account is www.wattpad.com/lyraparish … Hope to see you there!

Other than that, I like to sing and dance but am not very good at either. I love the mountains, traveling, and camping. I occasionally bike and hike. I also like taking pictures.

It’s nice to meet you all.