Sundays are one of my favorite days. I swear I do the same exact thing every sunday. It starts with sleeping until I wake then making the same breakfast (eggs, sausage, and bacon) and taking care of literary items while drinking a cup of coffee with whip cream. A few weeks ago, we rearranged the furniture in the living room so now when I sit on the couch, I can stare out the double windows. Right now, there is a warm glow in my backyard from the sun splashing across the green grass (yes green, I’m in Texas!) while the bare branches of the trees hang almost haphazardly. Football is playing the background, my cat is sitting right next to me, and I have my computer on my lap. Lazy Sundays are the best. I have an office but I find myself glued to the couch with my feet up. It’s so comfy. But sometimes the couch is dangerous because I have several times fallen asleep with my fingers on the keys and my document open. It’s too comfy and sucks me right in. I often dream about the day when every day is like my Sunday. I dream about writing full-time and getting to take on all of my dream projects. Lately I’ve had several people ask me how I do it. Re: write, work full-time, and run a small side business. The truth is, sometimes I don’t know how I handle it. I haven’t figured it all out yet but I’ve been doing this since 2011. I think when you’re passionate about something, you’ll find time to get everything done.

2016 is looking promising and we are only 17 days in. I’ve been eating healthy and trying to lose some weight (I’m 1 pound away from losing 20!). I finished Ace and I’m working on another story at the moment with hopes to have it finished by the time Ace is released. My goal is to write at least  2k a day. It’s nothing that you’ve ever heard me talk about before, a new set of characters and situations, and I’ve been lost in that world. I love it! But anyway, told you I’d blog when I thought about it…haha…and I’ll probably stop saying that the next time I post. 🙂

So what is your favorite day of the week? And why?

p.s. I love Saturdays too!


I have a few goals I wanted to write down for the week:
-have a total of 20k on the new novel
-blog a few times
-release some Ace teasers
-be awesome