As a child, investigating why something worked the way it did, intrigued me. If you were to ask my mother, she would probably say I was a “why child.” I always wanted to know why something was the way that it was. Now that I am a grown-up, we have a little thing called google, which warms my little investigator heart. Usually, if I have a question about something, or need to cross check references, Google is my BFF. Back in the day, people used things like encyclopedias and newspaper articles. I am guilty of taking information for granted, no denying that.

Copyright by: Jurii

Today, I was doing a little research on cars. More specifically the mirror that pops down from the sun visor. I know it’s silly but I wanted to know exactly what it was called, ahem, vanity mirror. So one thing led to another and I found myself researching hand mirrors. Which brought me to researching mirrors in the Medieval period. Did you know, “glass mirrors completely disappeared, because during those times religious confessions stated that devil is looking and watching the world from the opposite side of a glass mirrors. Poor fashionable ladies had to use a polished metal mirrors or special water bowls instead of glass mirrors.” How interesting!  (Incase you’d like more info, the above information came from this site.)

All of this inspires me to write an entire story about mirrors in Medieval times. Magical Mirrors! See how the mind wanders? I think google is a worm hole of information and this is why I need to research and write separately! It’s such a dangerous combination, add youtube and I am done for! 🙂

Lyra Parish