I was thinking about blogging today so I thought why not? The past month I’ve taken a break from writing and focused on other things but writing is something that I can’t NOT do. Today I woke up with an urge to just write. There are so many stories calling to me at the moment so it’s hard to decide what to write. As I mentioned before, I’ve got about 9 in the pocket. 9 different plots, sets of characters, and I’ve decided that I’m going write what my heart wants me to write, which means the words will flow like honey and wine, haha. No more promising books because it’s not fair to my readers and it’s not fair to me to force words. No one likes reading forced words! 🙂

Lately I’ve just had this feeling that I’m on the verge of something awesome. I don’t know what my future holds but it’s exciting to think about. I’ve been so busy working full-time, doing LuLaRoe, and working on my literary career that it’s crazy to think that I sleep somewhere in there. The hustle is very real and exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know eventually it will all pay off. Even with all that sometimes it’s nice to just sit on the back porch and listen to the birds sing in the late afternoon as the sun is setting behind the trees. Yes, southerners really do that. Yes, we really drink lots of sweet tea too. 😉

Last weekend the hubs and I took an impromptu trip to Colorado. Close to the top of Mt. Evans, it was eerily quiet and as the snow fell around the car we stopped in front of the snow covered Echo Lake. I promised the mountains that as soon as I could, I would be back. My life goal is to buy a modest little cabin in Colorado and stay there for the summer months and do nothing but write. That would be my personal heaven and one day it will happen. Of course when it gets ridiculously cold, I’ll be back in Texas thawing.

This weekend I said I would set a schedule for my week so I could get all of my tasks in which includes working out, writing, and getting organized. I’ve realized that I’m going to have to start being really strict and somewhat stingy with my time otherwise I won’t be able to accomplish everything I have planned. I’m one of those people that finds it hard to say no to things, but I’ve realized that I need to start saying no, which will be a struggle for me.

This weekend I’ll be doing Books are Bigger in Texas and as soon as that’s over, I’ll be traveling for work for 3 days, then I’ll be back home. During my work trip, I’m going to take my laptop with me and write at night while I’m cramped up in my hotel room alone. Hubs can’t come so I’ll be trying to catch up on words. But anyway, I wanted to check in quickly and say hello! I hope you’re all doing well! 🙂