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If you’re starting your blog hop here, or just hopping over from S. C. Mitchell‘s blog, hello!!! I’m new to this hop and I’m sure excited to write a post each week! 🙂

Our topic today comes from the Brenda Margriet What kind of animal person are you? Do you have pets? If so, how do they influence your writing, or don’t they? What is the most unusual pet you’ve had, either as a child or adult?

I’m totally a cat person. lol. My cat’s name is Nibbler and she’ll be turning eight in September. She’s a black rescue kitty who rules and runs the household. I’ve tried adopting other animals, but she just wasn’t having it.


Honestly, if the hubs would let me, I’d be a cat lady. LOL! I  have always loved cats, but I’m just an animal lover in general. I grew up with horses, cats, dogs, chickens, and pigs. I don’t think animals really influence my writing any. But Nibbler does sometimes like the take naps on my keyboard as I’m in the middle of writing.

I’ve never written about animals in any of my books. (I might have to give my next character a dog or a cat!) I think the strangest animal I’ve had as a pet was a pig. We named it Penny and drew dollar signs all over her. SHE LOVED IT! Okay, I’ve never actually told anyone that. But as an adult, since I travel so much, it’s easier just to have a cat. She can stay home for days alone and not need attention. She’s completely content with her naps, fresh water well, and unlimited food. 🙂

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