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This weeks topic is given to us by Fiona Riplee!

Q: I’m curious what everyone is working on. Write about a new work in progress, new idea, or some characters that just won’t leave you alone.

A: Right now I’m working on a few projects. 5 to be exact. I know!! 3 of them I can’t discuss because they are super secret. The other is NIK, the second book in the Band of Brothers series and a collaboration project with D. Kelley! It’s all about alphas and holy crap, I’m writing some awesome characters.

D and I are writing something that you all are going to love. The series is going to be around 4-5 books, still to be determined, and I can’t say too much about it yet, but it’s set in California. 😉 We’ve got one of the best titles and I CANNOT wait to share it. I know this is a super vague post, LOL, but I can’t really discuss too much until we start marketing. I don’t like releasing titles super early, especially when they haven’t been taken on Amazon yet, and let me tell you, this title is THE BEST. The goal is to have them all written before the end of the year and release them all very close together so you won’t have to wait too long. I’m excited to give you all more info….soon my loves!

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