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This weeks topic is given to us by S. C. Mitchell!

Q: Think back to that day you first decided you were going to write a book/story. Tell us about what led you to start putting those first words on the page.

A: In March of 2011, hubby and I were hiking down a trail at Hodges Gardens. The trail is called the Chestnut Tree Trail and there, in Louisiana is a chestnut tree that’s over 100 years old. What makes this special is, Chestnut Trees are not native to the south. Beside the tree there is a plaque that tells the story of how they were trained in from Chicago to a family who’s house sat in front of the tree. I stood there and watched the moss dangled around the tall pines and I could almost imagine a big white plantation house sitting in front of the old tree. An entire story came to mind and I looked over at my husband and told him I was going to write a book. I think his exact words was ‘that’s random’. And now when I think back on it, it was extremely random. Later on that year, I signed up for NaNoWriMo and I wrote my first 55k book. When I wrote the end, it was one of the most magical feelings I’ve experienced (aside from my marriage and graduating college). It is still to this day an unexplainable feeling. Eight published books later and I’m happy I did one of the most random things ever and decided to start writing. The only regret I have is not writing romance sooner and publishing earlier. But we live and learn. 🙂

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