Recently, I was at a burger place waiting in line to get some quick food before we went to a concert. The dining room was full, there were several people standing around waiting for their food, and the constant chatter of the patrons filled the restaurant. We walked up to the line and everything was fine and dandy until I spotted the man in front of me who was ordering. He wore dirty gloves and pants and everything he owned was strapped to his back. He ordered a fish sandwich and began counting out his money. The husband and best friend were standing around chatting about something and all I could focus on was this man in front of me. I quietly pulled out my card ready to pay for it. But he quickly handed the guy at the register the cash and I tried to speak up to say I would pay for it and then the ticket was cashed out and the man moved to the side. His total was $3.84 cents.

I exhaled and shook my head no, because I should of just spoke up and paid for the guys food. The hubs asks me what’s wrong because clearly I was upset. Then when I got my food, I glanced over at the guy eating his fish sandwich and burst out crying in the middle of Whataburger because I didn’t pay for it and because I had no cash to give him. All I could think about was him spending his last $4 on a hot meal, a hot meal that I should have paid for. I know I looked like a crazy person crying while eating a hamburger.

Now, though it’s been a week, I can’t seem to get over it and I’m still upset about it (hence the blog post). I don’t regret much in life, but I wish I could go back and just say something, anything, stop the transaction and buy him everything on menu. I shouldn’t have stood there quietly as I pulled out my card. I should have just walked up and stood beside the guy and told the manager I was paying for it. But I hesitated then my opportunity had passed.

The moral of the story is when you feel compelled to do something, just do it. Don’t wait around for the perfect time because it might not be. You might not be ready, and if you’re not courageous, if you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone, the opportunity to make change, to better someone’s life, even if it’s your own, will flat out pass you by then you’ll be left thinking about what you could have done. This is true in all aspects of your life, with hobbies, jobs, and simple things. Even something as small as paying for a stranger’s fish sandwich.