Over the last month, I’ve had some major changes take place in my life. I could bore you to death with the details of my day job (I pimp slap spreadsheets from 8-5) but I will spare you. I recently (the past year or so) had the honor of working with several authors on a few projects and that chapter in my life has officially ended as well. It seems like when it rains change, it freaking thunder storms it and all hell breaks loose. lol. With that being said,  I now have more time to focus on myself and write so it’s actually a win-win for everyone. My goal was to write 4 books this year, I may end up writing 5 or 6. 🙂

Publishing Weak for Him changed my life, and although some people REALLY hate it and hate me for writing it, #truestorybro, I don’t let it bother me. For every 1 person who despises it, 3 people like it. Can’t win them all! Most authors will swear by NOT reading their reviews. I understand why, but I was one of those kids that grew up in the theatre. Some of you are like, whaaaa, why does that matter? hehe. It does! Hear me out.

Being a thespian really teaches a person about rejection, and how to handle it when someone doesn’t like their audition. I’ve been too short, too fat, too skinny (yes, that has happened), too loud, not blond, can’t sing low enough or high enough, or I just didn’t click or meet the expectation, or there were people who were way better than me. I’ve been told that I was too good or not good enough. I’ve auditioned for probably 25 different shows, and I’ve snagged several lead parts. (One of my favorites being Lucy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown). I’ve also auditioned and been rejected more times than not, but did I let it stop me? No. Did I quit? No, I was just the best damned chorus member on stage! lol. It really taught me how to deal with criticism and try to do better next time. Being an author really isn’t much different from that. When I pushed publish, I knew that the whole experience was just another audition, but in front of thousands of directors.

Weak for Him isn’t for everyone. I never intended it to be, and the people who get it, really get it, and that’s why I continue to write. And the people who don’t, I promise to try harder next time with the next series. Some authors are devastated by critical reviews. Yes, I’ve seen the posts on Facebook where some have publicly asked themselves WTF they are doing. I think any creative individual experiences that. As artists, we are always second guessing ourselves and questioning our own intentions.

I don’t talk about bad reviews publicly (this post being the exception). I try to find at least one thing that I can creatively take from all of them and make note to do better next time. There really is such a thing as creative criticism. Some of the best reviews I have recieved are one and two stars. They are raw and honest, but really help me become a better writer. Do I want tons of 1 and 2 stars, no, but I want honest opinions. I don’t want fake reviews. I don’t want random 5 stars if someone hasn’t read it or doesn’t think it deserves it. I don’t want to stay stagnant in my skill. I want to improve, and become a better writer. If I felt like I could approach those 1-2 star reviewers and have them beta for me, I would. Why? Because I want critical beta readers. I want to BECOME BETTER and I have a thick skin.

I am a writer virgin, or was, rather. Weak for Him was my first novel, and it took me 3 years to finally bite the bullet and publish something. I know that the rest of the novels I publish will be better than WFH. They have to be. Why? Because I am always learning and always improving. I may not be Coleen Hoover or Jamie McGuire… but I strive for that. My dreams is to one day become a full-time writer like the ladies that inspire me to keep moving forward. I have goals and aspirations and the literary ocean is wide…

I am publishing Weak Without Him (book 2 of the Weakness series) in 3 weeks. I’ve got an editor who is AMAZING. She doesn’t hold back and that’s exactly what I was missing with WFH. My Proofer… is the bomb(dot)com, I can’t stop singing her praises. She went over Weak for Him and found several things that needed to changed (see, I constantly strive for perfection!) so I will be doing an update on Weak for Him too!  Those who read and enjoyed Weak for Him, I think (hope) will love this one.

Don’t forget to add Weak Without Him to your Goodreads TBR list

Also, Hiding Secrets (Dirty Little Secrets #1) is coming soon as well! Eep!