Single 2 . . . it’s coming!

  Real quick, I wanted to announce that Single 1 is currently on sale for 99 cents! It was featured in the Owned Anthology with 8 other amazing authors, but now it’s time to celebrate Single 2! There are some exciting things in the works right now for Single 2 which releases on March 9. […]

The Fish Sandwich Incident

Recently, I was at a burger place waiting in line to get some quick food before we went to a concert. The dining room was full, there were several people standing around waiting for their food, and the constant chatter of the patrons filled the restaurant. We walked up to the line and everything was […]

Announcement – No Longer Weak

As many of you, or few of you noticed, I’ve changed the release date to No Longer Weak probably a gazillion times over the past few months. A gazillion! Now it’s coming down to the nitty gritty and time for me to make an announcement of when No Longer Weak will actually be available for purchase because I’ve been asked several times over the past few weeks.

Single Cover Reveal! #singleserial

Today has been full of love, tags, and posts about Single. I wanted to take a few minutes to THANK EVERYONE sooooo sooooo much for posting about it. The response has been so positive that I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment. The last few weeks have been so amazing, full of positivity, and helpfulness. […]

Amazon offers pre-sales!

Bravo, Amazon. Bravo. As a self-published author, I’ve had two main complaints with Amazon, and I’d like to think a large majority of authors agree. A) Pre-sales. B) Returns on eBooks. Yesterday, Amazon sneakily activated the pre-sale option for all of its KDP authors. It took exactly 8 hours before I received an official email […]