Butter My Biscuit - Chapter 1  Preview

Butter My Biscuit - Chapter 1 Preview

I'm so excited to share the first chapter of Butter My Biscuit with you!

While this book has gone through edits, it's currently in the proofreading stage, so if there are any typos, please know this isn't the final. 

Chapter 1: Grace

My bestie and I have been driving for nearly twelve hours straight, only stopping for bathroom breaks, shitty coffee, and to grab lunch. If you can call it that. I’m still not sure what was inside that fried tortilla I ate from a random middle-of-nowhere gas station. I didn’t ask.

When the Houston skyline finally comes into view, I pull out my phone and try to capture a picture of the buildings downtown, but it comes out in a smudge of colors. So, instead, I take our signature road-trip selfie of Harrison and me as he drives, and then I turn my attention to the sunset. My day has gone full circle as the fading light glows against the reflective windows of the skyscrapers.

Fifteen minutes later, we finally arrive at the house I rented for the weekend. The owners decorated the place with Christmas lights, and they glow red and green against the windshield of the truck. It’s early December, and the holiday season is in full effect.

We counted the number of red reindeer noses and antlers on vehicles during the drive. Once we rolled over thirty, neither of us could remember how many we’d seen. Texans really like dressing their cars up for the holidays.

When my feet press against the pavement of the driveway, I’m relieved. We might’ve driven all day, but we made it. Then again, traveling anywhere with my bestie is a guaranteed good time.

Harrison throws his duffel bag over his shoulder, then grabs my suitcase, and like a gentleman, he wheels it to the door.

Then, we glance at the keypad at the same time.

“Shit. I forgot to save the code.” I unlock my phone and search for the confirmation email the host sent after I booked this place. But when I receive a text from my boyfriend, I’m fully distracted and smiling like it’s my birthday.

Joey: Hey, lover.

I love it when he calls me that.

Grace: Hey! How are things?

Harrison clears his throat, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. "So you gonna unlock the door or leave me standing here while you text your boyfriend?"

Joey: Thinking about you. Can I call you in a few minutes?

Grace: Sure, I'll be around. :)

I’m only ten minutes away from him. And tomorrow, when I fall into his arms at his doorstep, he’ll be surprised. Showing up unannounced on the day of our anniversary is my way of saying I want to take our relationship to the next level. I’m ready to be all in with him … I think.

“Save your sexting for later.”

“Sorry, totally distracted.” I click out of my messages and look up into my best friend’s sea-blue eyes.

He shakes his head, and his perfect lips transform into his signature Valentine smirk. The only reason he’s here is because I can’t drive that far alone, and he’s the best travel buddy.

Eventually, I find it, take a screenshot of the email, and text it to Harrison in case he needs it when I’m occupied with Joey for the next few days. I punch in the four-digit code and twist the knob and push the door open. Vaulted ceiling, fake plants everywhere, and a breakfast nook for two … it’s adorable.

Harrison sets down his bag as I walk down the hallway, giving myself a tour.

“Uhh,” I say, meeting back up with him.

“What’s up?” He stretches, lifting his arms above his head.

I open the booking app and read the description of the place before I look at him. He crosses his arms and waits for me to speak with his brows raised.

“There’s only one bed.”

He glances at the brown leather couch that’s seen better days, and even I know his six-foot-three body will not fit on it comfortably.

“We used to share beds all the time when we were kids. We can go back to that,” I explain.

Harrison shakes his head. “Nah, it’s fine. It’s just for a couple of days. The couch will work … if I even come back after hittin’ up downtown.”

Him going home with someone after a night of fun isn’t anything new. Considering his reputation, if he didn’t, I’d be shocked. But that’s just the way things are, the way they’ve always been. He’s a wild mustang, at least for now, and whoever he ends up with will be one lucky lady.

He continues, “Plus, I don’t want your boyfriend gettin’ jealous.”

“For the last time, Joey doesn’t care about us. But how about this? What if I promise not to fart on you and swear that I won’t try to snuggle?” I hold out my finger for a pinkie promise.

He makes a face and playfully slaps my hand away. “Okay, but what if I like your farts?”

I snort. “See, and this is why we’re friends. You’re only here for the toots.”

“You know it. But honestly, I probably won’t see you once you’re with Joooeeeeey.” He says his name in the high-pitched voice he uses when he’s trying to impersonate me.

“You’re right because once I’m there, I don’t plan on leaving his house—or rather his bed. Especially since I got waxed from front to back just for this weekend.”

“Thanks for sharing with the entire class. We all learned something today.” His sarcasm is on point.

“It just shows that I care about personal hygiene. A girl has to landscape.”

“Was happy, livin’ my best life, not knowing your butthole is silky smooth. Remember that talk we’ve had a million times over the years? There are some things I absolutely, one hundred percent do not need to know.” He holds up his hand and counts. “That includes menstrual cycles and sex shit. And, no, I don’t want to guess dudes’ dick sizes either. Some things are off-limits.”

I notice how he says the last word. “Just remember, you chose me as your best friend. Now, you’re stuck with me, and you’re kinda forced to listen to me talk about all the things I want to talk about, including Aunt Flo and butt plugs. BFFs forever, remember?”

“And somehow, you made our friendship sound like prison.”

“Well, being with me is a life sentence.” I glance out the back patio door into the backyard. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, there’s a hot tub. We should get in it tonight.” I reach forward and grab my suitcase.

“I’d be down for that. Lucky for you, I packed my swim trunks.”

He gives me his signature boyish grin, the one that melts panties and snatches phone numbers from thin air, and I fully understand the allure. Harrison Valentine is like a mythical creature because men like him don’t exist. But I’m the lucky one who gets to call him my BFF.

“Wouldn’t have mattered. You’d have just skinny-dipped.”

“You’re fuckin’ right about that.” He shoots me a wink. “So, what’s the plan tonight?”

When his ass hits the couch cushions, it sounds like he plopped down on pure plywood. “Shit. It’s hard as a fuckin’ rock.”

“We’re sleeping together. And it’s not up for discussion.”

“Gracie, if you want to share a bed with me, all you have to do is ask. You don’t have to come up with these big, elaborate plans like this just to get me between the sheets with you. You know what I mean?” And the devil smirks again.

I playfully swat at him, missing because he predicted it. He’s always predicting my moves like we’re playing a game of chess.

“That’s it. You’re absolutely getting all my snuggles tonight. I don’t care how much you complain or say you hate it.” My voice lowers to a dangerous level as I threaten him. “My leg is getting wrapped around yours, and there is nothing you can do about it other than take it. You’re fucked.”

“So help me God, if you even think about crossing that invisible line in the middle of the mattress, I’m going to tickle you until you scream bloody murder and piss your pajama pants. And I won’t apologize for it either.”

I shrug. “I’m more than willing to take my chances.”

“You’ve been warned,” he says. “Not to change the subject, but I’m starving. Wanna order in? I’m getting hangry.”

It’s just past six, and my stomach is growling too. “Yeah, that’d be great. Whatcha in the mood for?”

Before he can answer, my phone buzzes in my back pocket, interrupting the conversation. I pull it out and see the name flash on the screen.

“Just choose something and order. You know what I like. Gonna take this.” I show him Joey’s picture that I saved from his online dating profile. It’s what I saw for months before we made it official and decided to go for the long-distance thing.

Harrison gives me a thumbs-up as I walk down the hallway toward the bedroom. I sit on the edge of the mattress and then answer.

“Hey, baby,” he says as I kick off my shoes.

We talk every day on his way home from the office. It’s quickly become one of our traditions, something that I look forward to Monday through Friday. Sometimes, I feel like it’s the only time we can talk.

“Hi. How was your day?” I grin, knowing just how close I am to him, and if I weren’t exhausted, I’d pop over tonight.

“It was good. Had a lot of meetings. I’ll be happy when this month is over. There is so much work to complete before the end of the year.” He pauses. “I just wish you were here with me right now.”

When the words leave his mouth, my heart flutters.

I lean back on the bed. “You do?”

“Yeah. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Aww. I’ve been thinking about you too. Whatcha doin’ tomorrow?”

I stretch out on the mattress. It’s soft, and I know tonight, I’m going to sleep like a baby. Especially if Harrison isn’t stubborn and actually sleeps beside me. He’s always so warm.

Joey continues, “I’ve got a few errands to run in the morning, but I’ll be home after then. I might read a book.”

“Well, if you’re bored after lunch, call me. I’m not doin’ much.” Except for driving to your house.

His tone turns gravelly. “Maybe we can FaceTime?”

“Yeah, I’d love that.” I know exactly what that means. Lately, we’ve been sexting and fooling around together on camera. It’s been fun, but it’s just not the same as being with someone physically.

Several times over the past year, we’ve tried to meet up, but it hasn’t always worked out. Just once, but we couldn’t be together because he was in a rush.

After this weekend, I hope he realizes what he could have every day.

“I miss you,” I say, wishing we could spend more time together.

He laughs. “I know. I miss you so damn much. If only you were closer.”

“What if I moved to Houston?” I ask with my eyes closed, knowing he can’t leave the city because of his job and position.

I can hear the excitement in his voice. “Oh, so is the option on the table now?”

Maybe. While I love Valentine, I’d move for my forever person.” As I’m staring at the ceiling, I hear the bathroom door click closed. Valentine is my hometown in West Texas, and it’s named after Harrison’s family.

Moments later, Harrison walks out, wearing a pair of swim trunks that hang haphazardly on his carved waist. Muscles cascade down his body as he leans against the doorframe and mouths, Hot tub.

Swallowing hard, I pull my gaze away from him and nod, returning to my conversation. “I was hoping you’d be able to come visit during Christmas. My mom and stepdad are dying to meet you before the end of the year since our one year is tomorrow.”

“I didn’t forget.” His voice lowers. “And I’ll check my request on Monday and will confirm. But you know it’s a very busy time at the office, so I’m sure it will be denied.”

“You never know.” I sigh, trying to stay hopeful.

“Good news is, I’ve already got approval for your sister’s wedding. I can’t wait to be your plus-one, baby. Me and you in Hawaii. We’re going to have a good time.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I seriously cannot wait.”

I daydream about walking the beach with him, making love in our balcony room, and just spending time together. Maybe watch the sunset, view the moon over the water, walk the beach hand in hand, dance barefoot in the sand—all the movie magic things that couples in love do.

“Me neither.” He quickly changes the subject. “Sorry to cut it short, babe. I think I need to let you go because the traffic is getting heavier. I just wanted to call and tell you how much I love you.”

I laugh. “I love you too. Hope you have a good night.”

“Chat tomorrow?”

“You’d better believe it,” I say, knowing I have the perfect plan in place.

“Good night, Grace.”

I end the call and set my phone down next to me on the bed. I’ve been trying to imagine the look on his face when I see him. I like to think he’ll be happy, and I’ll fall into his arms, and we’ll make love until the sun sets.

Or maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, and we’ll fuck right there on the floor. At this point, I don’t care. I crave intimacy and not from a stranger. Whoever I’m with next, I want them to know me and love me.

When I return to the living room, I grab my suitcase and then change into the two-piece bathing suit that accentuates my curves, which I’ve learned to appreciate over the years.

As a teenager, I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing something that showed my stomach, but years ago, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and not care what anyone thought anymore. All thanks to Harrison questioning why I gave two shits about what anyone thought. Something he reminds me of often.

Since then, it’s been crop tops, miniskirts, bikinis. Nothing is off-limits for my body. Not anymore.

As I make my way through the kitchen with a towel tucked under my arm, I notice a bottle of wine on the counter. I wrap my long hair into a top bun, snapping the ponytail holder from my wrist, then pick up the note.

“Aww,” I say, seeing the host left this as a welcoming gift, and take it outside with me.

Before I open the sliding door, I catch sight of Harrison with his muscular arms stretched out as he relaxes in the hot tub with his eyes closed. I drink him in and ask myself how the boy I used to eat mud pies with became this man.

Harrison Valentine is tall, handsome, and stacked with muscles from working with horses all his life. He even has a cute little dimple that’s buried in his right cheek that only makes an appearance when he genuinely smiles. With his dark, messy hair and go with the flow attitude, Southern charm and manners, and the ability to make anyone laugh at the wrong time … well, he’s the catch of the century.

The only problem?

No one is catching him.

Not even me. But that’s because of our pact. The unspoken one, where we don’t cross the line regardless of how many drinks we’ve had.

His long, dark eyelashes flutter open when I step outside, and his smoldering gaze pierces through me. Harrison’s sexiness without even trying wounds me.

“I brought this.” I hold up the bottle. Feeling the brisk winter breeze, I shiver. It’s in the upper forties, and my nipples are so hard that they could cut glass.

His eyes dart up and down my body, and he grins, but he doesn’t say shit. “Come join me. It feels amazing.”

After setting down my towel, I climb in and move next to him. The jets spray against my tense muscles. I hand him the wine, then roll my neck around. It cracks a few times.

“Want me to rub your shoulders?”

“Oh God, yes.”

I move in front of him, and his strong hands are on me. His thumbs dig into my neck and knead the knots away. I close my eyes, enjoying how well he works me, how he knows exactly what I need.

“You’re tight.” His breath brushes against my neck, and goose bumps form.

“Mmhmm. But, damn, do I like it hard.” I laugh, fully melting into his touch. “If training doesn’t work out for ya, you should look into becoming a massage therapist. You’d be fully booked.”

He snickers, his hands sliding up my neck, and he digs his fingertips into the base of my head, adding more pressure as he turns me into putty. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

It grows quiet, other than the breeze through the trees and the sound of the jets moving water around us.

He softly clears his throat. “Can I ask you a serious question?”

I glance at him over my shoulder, barely meeting his eyes, but he doesn’t stop massaging me. “Sure.”

“Are you moving?”

He gives it to me a little harder, and a breathy moan escapes me.

“Ah.” I try to recover. “So, you heard that?”

He clears his throat. “I wasn’t eavesdropping. I just—”

“No, it’s fine. Real talk? Sometimes, I think about leaving Valentine. And for love, I would.”

He doesn’t say anything.

I smirk over my shoulder, the bun in my hair nearly smacking him. “Would you miss me if I left?”

He rolls his eyes. “Don’t make it weird.”

I fully turn around and face him, placing my hands on his thighs. The lights from the hot tub cast reflections on our faces. “You would. You have fun with me. Just admit it.”

Harrison exhales. “You know I’d miss you, Gracie.”

I smile. “Me too though. Sometimes, you’re the only reason I stay. I mean, because who else is going to watch sappy ’90s rom-coms with me?”

“You’re right about that. I’m kinda irreplaceable, babe.” He smiles. “So, I guess that means you two are serious?”

I hand him the wine. “Yeah, it’s been a year, and if he wants to progress the relationship forward, then I want to give us a real chance. My lease doesn’t expire for another six months. So, I have time to think about it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He looks hurt.

“I didn’t want to talk about things until I knew for sure. No use in worrying about something until it’s reality, ya know?”

“Right. But I’d still like to be prepared. And not find out, like, two weeks before you leave or something.”

“Well, since we’re on the subject, can I count you in for helping me pack my shit?”

Harrison shakes his head, removing his hands from me, and I roll my neck around.

“You just want me for my muscles and my truck. It’s all I’m good for.”

I laugh, giving him a smile. “Doesn’t every woman?”

“Point taken.”

“But I’m sure there are many other qualities you’ve got goin’ for you.” My eyes slide up and down his body. “Like—”

Just as I’m about to say something, a loud ding-dong sweeps the moment away.

“Was that the doorbell?” I ask.

“Oh shit, yeah. The pizza. Hold on.”

He quickly stands, water sloshing around, and steps out of the hot tub. He runs through the backyard barefoot and opens the side gate. Moments later, he returns with a large pizza box in his hand. When he opens it up and the meaty aroma wafts my way, my mouth waters. I see cheese and a thick crust with pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives.

“You’re speaking my love language!” I stand with the wine held tightly in my grip.

Harrison holds out his hand, helping me down so I don’t bust my ass. While I was nearly sweating in the water, now that I’m out, I’m cold. He hands me the pizza then wraps a towel around me before doing the same.

“Let’s light the fireplace,” I tell him once we’re inside.

“Good idea.”

Water drips down his chest, and he hurries and dries off before walking through the house. I set the box down on the coffee table, grab two cups for our wine, and napkins.

With one click of a button, the flame immediately catches on the faux logs.

“This is cheating. A gas fireplace.”

Once everything is set up, I turn to him. “I’m gonna change into my PJs. I’ll be right back.”

“Me too,” he says, unzipping his duffel.

My stomach growls as I remove my swimsuit, dry off, then change into my silk cami with matching sleep shorts.

When I walk into the living room, Harrison’s wearing dark gray joggers and nothing else as he flicks through the channels.

His eyes scan my body. “Should you be saving that sleepwear for your boyfriend?”

“He gets my birthday suit. But why? Do you think it makes me look hot?” I sit next to him and elbow him.

He bumps his body against mine. “If my girlfriend was wearing that around another man …”

“Oh, so you’re the jealous type?”

“When it comes to my woman, you’d better believe it.”

He meets my eyes, and there is no doubt he means every damn word. But … I swallow hard, knowing there absolutely is not a deeper meaning in his words. Because there can’t be.

“What were you going to say outside?”

“Don’t remember. Remind me what we were talking about.” I reach forward and open the box, happy for the distraction.

“I don’t remember either,” he says.

But I have a feeling neither of us forgot as we slide our fingers under fat slices and take a bite.

“This is so good. Oh my God,” I say around a mouthful. My eyes widen.

Harrison laughs. “The place had incredible reviews. Like thousands. It’s a mom-and-pop shop, been around for forty years or something. Originated in Chicago, I think.”

“It’s”—I moan—“better than sex.”

He nearly chokes on the bite he’s swallowing. “That tells me you haven’t been with anyone worth remembering.”

“You’re right about that, but hopefully, that will change tomorrow. Cheers.”

We tap our pizza slices together and eat while we watch TV. When an episode of Yellowstone ends, Harrison asks me if I want any more.

“Nah. I’ve got a food baby,” I say, patting my belly.

He chuckles, then reaches forward, brushing his thumb close to the corner of my mouth. When he pulls away, there’s marinara on the end. And suddenly, it feels like we’re twelve again, having a slumber party at his parents’ house, eating pizza and watching rated-R movies. Neither of us would turn our heads during the sex scenes.

“I’m gonna miss the fuck outta you if you move away.”

I smile. “Now, don’t be getting all soft on me. You can always come visit.”

He stands and takes the rest of the pizza into the kitchen. I hear the fridge door open and close, and then he washes his hands. Immediately, I start yawning. I turn and look at the time on the microwave. It’s just past eight.

“I kinda wanna watch TV in bed. Wanna join me?”

He smiles. “You promise not to trample over that invisible line?”

“I don’t make promises to you that I can’t keep.”

And he knows that’s the truth. I stand and stretch, then make my way down the hallway.

As I flick on the light in the bedroom, I yell, “Come on, bestie. Don’t be as stubborn as a mule. Your back is gonna hate you tomorrow if you choose that shitty couch!”

As I’m pulling down the comforter on both sides, Harrison stands in the doorway, all man and muscle with those joggers on his waist. “Pick your side and then follow the rules.”

“That’s real rich, coming from the number one rule breaker I know.”

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